Our Services

Precision Irrigation

An irrigation system is of no value if the water is not moving where it is needed.  We ensure proper flow and coverage from all heads.  This results in an overall reduction in water usage and lowers your water bill.

Timer Adjustments

Evaluating each zone’s timer will make all the difference with your yard this year. Grass zones require much different water amounts than flower beds. Ensuring the grass zones are watered at the proper time of the day and for the necessary amount will keep your grass the envy of the neighborhood! Watering the flower beds for their proper amount will help your flowers to thrive all summer and into fall.

Seasonal Services

Winterizations are very important to extend the life of your irrigation system. Equally as important is restoring your system in the Spring and inspecting all zones to verify all heads and lines are still functioning correctly.

Valve Box Modifications

Did your installer cut corners and place your valve boxes in places you would prefer them not to be? Moving the valves and boxes to flower beds helps to beautify your yard and keep those eyesores out of sight. Ensuring the boxes are installed correctly extends the life of all the valves inside.

Leakage and Blockage Repairs

Leaks will add hundreds of dollars to your water bill. Blockages will prevent your lawn and flowers from surviving. Identifying either of these issues and correcting it will give you piece of mind knowing your system is working at its best.

Container Planting Irrigation

Effortlessly maintain the beauty of your containers by tapping into your irrigation system for their water needs. Your containers will keep their beauty throughout the season as you travel and will set your mind at ease.